Apa yang dimaksud dengan Cloud Computing

Dikutip dari: http://www.cloudcomputinglife.com/

Cloud computing is a system of networks that provide storage services, servers and applications over the Internet. These services could be provided to organizations as a whole or to individuals. The basic working of cloud computing involves a conglomeration of computers to perform functions that one computer on its own would not be able to do. It is not known where the term ‘cloud computing software’ came from. However, the word cloud essentially means the Internet. All services provided by cloud computing are done over the Internet, hence its name. Cloud computing software provides a way for individuals to back up their data in the event that their hard drives crash or something happens to their computers or devices.

Dengan demikian [S.N.M.P. Simamora] ada lima hal kriteria suatu cloud-computing:

  1. dijalankan di atas infrastruktur jaringan public internet
  2. services harus ada yang dijalankan
  3. tersedianya file-storage
  4. telah terimplementasikan konsep datawarehouse
  5. proses berjalan secara real-time atau on-line services


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